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The ladies of the Lakeside League investigative team prove that retirement can be anything but boring. Share their latest adventure in the newly-released novella, Unmasking A Halloween Mystery.

Once again, I got caught with my mouth full just as someone was expecting me to speak. I swallowed, gave a thumb’s up in Flo’s direction, and began.

“I’ve done as much online research as I can with the cases we discussed at our last three meetings. The one I think is the most promising is the one we talked about with the young lady from our area. She lived on the other side of the lake in Bronson and was murdered a year ago. What I find worth looking into is the arrest that was made. Her boyfriend of four years was arrested but he claims he’s innocent. He couldn’t afford his own attorney but he has made a few statements to the press that he’s being railroaded and the public defender is in on it.”

“So?” Lil began, “We’ve come across dozens of cases where the accused claim their innocence. What makes this one different?”

Several members nodded their heads and I continued.

“Well, you’re right in that respect. This case got a lot of press because of some of the sordid details, which I’m sure you remember reading. I mean, that’s one reason we decided to look in to it and investigate further. What got me was that the boyfriend, Ron, has gone out of his way to protest and claim his innocence. He got his friends and relatives to set up a web page in support and the more I read, he just doesn’t seem to fit the profile of a killer. Or at least not someone who loses their temper on a regular basis. You just don’t see that much protesting, even a year after the arrest. He’s biding his time in the county jail until the trial.”

“Okay,” Lil continued. “Go ahead and create a file with all the details and email it to us. We can all read it through and get back to you if we agree to take it. Does that sound like a plan?”

All members were in assent.

“I remember this because the young lady that was murdered worked at my hair salon. Donna, I think you know her mother, Clara?”

Mischke, Tina. Unmasking a Halloween Mystery: Lakeside League #1 (Kindle Locations 71-81). Kindle Edition.