Just to keep you on your toes.

They say you have to post and publish a lot to stay on people’s minds. Blog writers should post at least weekly, according to the experts. I haven’t been doing any blog writing lately but will start writing new RV campground reviews at the end of March when I set off for my trek from southeast Texas to Northern California. In the meantime, I’ve been plugging along on Lakeside League #2 so thought I’d share an excerpt with you.

Six months following their last case, the gals find themselves embroiled in a missing person case and an Easter celebration SNAFU. Number 2 in the Lakeside League series is scheduled to be on Amazon Kindle late summer/early fall of 2020.

{The following excerpt is edited from the original chapter.}

 The Lakeside League normally meets on Friday evenings for appetizers and schmoozing, taking turns at each other’s houses. This was a day early but when we are on a case, we meet almost every day, working hard for a resolution.

I was in the kitchen doing some baking for the evening meeting when my phone rang. After fetching it from the living room, I checked caller ID and smiled as I saw my friend Donna’s name. Donna and I are both retired teachers and we even look alike. We’ve been friends for almost three years and people often mistake us for sisters. We’re both short, a little weight challenged, and we keep our mostly gray hair cut in an easy-styling bob.

“Hey, girl. What’s up?” I asked with the speaker feature turned on as I continued to putter in the kitchen.

“I’m helping at the spring event they’re doing with the dog parade, talent show, and information booths. I signed up to work during the fund-raising weekend at the park but I keep getting called to help with logistics. I guess the other committee members think I’m the best person for the job when they have issues. Anyway, it seems there’s a problem this year.”

I sat down in one of my kitchen chairs so I could focus on the conversation.

“Easter is late this year!” She practically shouted through the speaker with a wavy voice.

“Well, you know Easter comes on different dates every year, right?” I was a little confused.

“I do but there was a mistake at the city offices this year. It seems the person in charge of reserving the park for the annual church alliance Easter egg hunt made a mistake and put the wrong dates down when signing up. Now, they’re mad because they don’t want the Easter egg hunt on the same weekend as the dog activities. They’ve made a big stink about it and have called a town meeting for Monday night.”

“I can’t remember when was the dog fund-raising weekend last year. Was it Easter weekend?”

“No it wasn’t. But traditionally, it’s the second weekend in April. It’s just a coincidence that Easter falls on that Sunday this year. The animal shelter signed up to reserve the park six months ago. I can’t believe the Baptists are trying to run us out.” Donna can get a little dramatic.

“Donna, I don’t think the Baptists or the Catholics have a vendetta against you. We’ll figure this out. Let me call Dan at the newspaper and I’ll talk with you tonight at Flo’s. Okay?”

copyright 2020 Tina Mischke