The four ladies of the Lakeside League are at it again. When a friend’s aunt mysteriously goes missing and the sheriff won’t take it seriously, it’s up to these senior go-getters to crack the case in LAKESIDE LEAGUE #2 — CRACKING AN EASTER CONUNDRUM.

This is the second in cozy mystery series Lakeside League by Tina Mischke. Look for the third cozy this summer. All three books in the series, which run about 30,000 to 35,000 words each, will be packaged and available in one complete set at the same time. Available FREE on Amazon Kindle Unlimited or at a low Kindle price otherwise.

Retirement is anything but boring when Abbey, Flo, Donna, and Lil are on the case.

“What can I get you?” He asked as he started slicing limes on a cutting board next to us.

“Two glasses of water?” I inquired hesitantly as he glared at us, then turned to grab some glasses.

I’m Abbey St. John and this is Lil Madison. We live in Lakeside. We’re helping a friend out who thinks her aunt might be missing. Her aunt frequents this establishment and works nearby.”

“And who might that be?” He didn’t introduce himself and he refused to make eye contact as he continued slicing.

Lil took over the questioning, knowing that my people skills were sometimes lacking, especially with difficult people.

“Doris Kalistan works at the building supply just up the street and has lunch here often with friends and co-workers. Her niece is concerned because she hasn’t heard from her for almost two weeks now and she’s not answering her phone.”

“Maybe she doesn’t want to be found, did you ever think of that?” He growled at us.

copyright 2020 Tina Mischke

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