I have been busy but you wouldn’t know it by looking at this blog site. I haven’t posted anything since July. I guess the good thing is that I’ve been so embroiled with my writing that I actually forgot I had this author site. The bad thing is that authors need to keep their blogs current for their audiences.

Here’s the latest — I’ve taken the three cozy novellas off of Amazon Kindle to re-tool. That included changing some of the names and details, fixing plot issues, and collecting all three into one book. Thank you to a beta reader who gave me some great comments. I would highly recommend having someone impartial read your book before declaring it completed. I’ve now finished that project and am in the editing process.

The newly tooled series is called “Too Nosy To Retire — Texas Series” and the first three stories are set in southeastern Texas with our beloved foursome of Abbey, Flo, Donna, and Lil. The book runs about 95,000 to 100,000 words. As an Epub, it’s about 425 pages with a medium sized font.

Starting next year, I plan to write a similar series but with all new characters and the setting will be Arizona. That series of stories will be called “Too Nosy To Retire — Arizona Series.” You’ll be introduced to a wildly crazy character in her 80s (or is she as crazy as she acts?) and a younger friend who tries to keep her in line.

I suppose my next task, after getting my new book uploaded to Amazon Kindle, is to think about advertising and promoting. I didn’t spend any time with that this past year because I knew that my books were not in final form. As a new cozy writer without a following, I imagine it’s much harder to gain an audience.

I’m always amazed at the prolific abilities of some of the kindle unlimited authors I read who put out dozens of books in multiple series. That will never be me but with a little hard work, maybe I’ll get readers that enjoy my books and look forward to new ones.

Welcoming any feedback on publishing cozies, promoting your kindle books, what you do to attract more readers. I am not willing to pay for your tutorials or “get rich quick” booklets. Sorry.

Until next time, happy writing!