This is an except from a new cozy mystery novella, due out in 2021. This will be part one of three novellas in the new book — TOO NOSY TO RETIRE: NEW MEXICO SERIES.

Part 1: Deadly Desert Dealings

Part 2: Cross Country Capers

Part 3: Mysterious Mobile Home Manifestations

“So ladies, can I get your names first for my report. I know we’ve met before but I’d like to keep this by the book.”
“Yes, sir,” Twila tried to bat her eyelashes in a flirtatious manner 
“Twila, do you have something in your eye?” Ambrosia sounded concerned.
Twila just gave her that look.
They both gave their full names with spellings then explained about the morning’s circumstances.
“So as I understand your story correctly, Mrs. Lowenstein, you were walking, found this deceased person, came back to Sunset Springs and then returned in a golf cart with Mrs. Morgan?”
“Pardon me?”
“I’m not married. But yes, that’s what we did. We came right back here and called as soon as we had cell service.” 
Twila tried to cross her legs seductively but ended up getting a cramp. She had to stretch her leg out and wiggle her toes a few times to get rid of the charley horse.
Deputy Branson blinked twice, coughed, then returned to studying his notebook.
“I’ve got my jeep outside and I think it might be best if we take a look. Do you mind riding along with me to show me the exact area? You won’t have to get out when we get to the scene.”

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  • 3 cozy mysteries
  • 4 best friends
  • 1 not so sleepy small town