Tina Mischke

This is the home page for several projects and reading opportunities. You can follow Tina Mischke’s cozy mystery stories and add your name to the mailing list for occasional updates, excerpts, and freebies. You can read non-fiction essays from a variety of topics. You can head on over to the Animals Aboard and Sightseeing Aboard sites for some reviews and photos from around the country.

Cozy Mysteries

Tina Mischke currently has four cozy mystery novellas on Amazon with two more coming in 2021. Click here to read more and see the mystery writer newsletter.


Essays and blog posts that are not related to the cozy mystery genre. You will find free-association writing on a variety of topics (photos too).

Animal aboard


Animals Aboard is a travel blog of RV Park reviews with over 70 posts and more to come in 2021. Sightseeing Aboard is a travel blog of sites and photos in 16 states and 35 posts, more to come in 2021.

  • How Many States Have You Visited?
    Sightseeing In Twelve States – Reviews & Photos I’m currently working on a new photo and descriptive text book subtitled 33 Cities Across the USA in an RV. I’ve always been a traveler, starting with the Air Force life until I was in high school, then following graduation, I set out on my own. AlthoughContinue reading “How Many States Have You Visited?”
  • TMS — Too Much Shopping
    Or all the things I’ve bought since I got my RV that I no longer use I wish I could give some advice to new motor home owners or those getting excited about their first foray in the RV world. There were so many, many items that I thought for sure I really needed andContinue reading “TMS — Too Much Shopping”
  • Tiny Living Revisited
    It’s pretty funny when one considers a thirty-five foot travel trailer as expanded quarters. But when I first moved in to my new trailer in September, it felt HUGE to me. That’s because I had spent the last two years and four months living full time in a much smaller motor home. I don’t needContinue reading “Tiny Living Revisited”

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