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Animal aboard


Animals Aboard is a travel blog of RV Park reviews and articles on traveling with pets. There is also a link to my sightseeing book.


I have several cozy mystery novellas by me on Amazon. Read some excerpts and articles on the cozy mystery genre here.

  • Portage Glacier and Whittier Harbor, Alaska
    There are several ways to get to the Portage area — by train, by tourist bus or shuttle, by boat, or by car. We took a rental car to spend the day on this quick day trip out of Anchorage. Travel just 60 miles down the Seward Highway for this adventure. First stop was Bird…
  • Downtown Anchorage Souvenir Shopping
    There is definitely no lack of shopping opportunities if you find yourself in downtown Anchorage, Alaska and want to take some reminders home or bring gifts to friends and family. I was there on a holiday weekend and don’t have a car so these are my personal experiences. First, I Ubered from the Air Force…
  • Santa Fe in Collage
    I will write a travel blog about Santa Fe when I return to my computer but for now, enjoy the pictures. You might be able to guess that photography is a passion of mine. These weren’t taken with my camera but with my iPhone 13. Santa Fe is an incredibly artistic town and can boast…

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