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Essays and blog posts on a variety of topics, with photos too.

Animal aboard


Animals Aboard is a travel blog of RV Park reviews and articles on traveling with pets. There is also a link to my sightseeing book.


I have several cozy mystery novellas by me on Amazon. Read some excerpts and articles on the cozy mystery genre here.

  • Santa Fe in Collage
    I will write a travel blog about Santa Fe when I return to my computer but for now, enjoy the pictures. You might be able to guess that photography is a passion of mine. These weren’t taken with my camera but with my iPhone 13. Santa Fe is an incredibly artistic town and can boast…
  • The Rude Generation
    Written on the plane from Sacramento to Denver. I was traveling recently by plane and noticed most people are friendly, nice, and polite. Although I have gray hair and sometimes I’m not as spry as my younger years, I don’t expect anyone to treat me any different. I do expect a little consideration though. Have…
  • Visiting Sacramento
    Last year this time, I had to go back home to help with my dad’s things and to attend his memorial service. This year, in a much different place emotionally, I returned to celebrate my dad’s 92 birthday in heaven. I also was getting a little homesick and it’s so nice to be able to…

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