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This is the home page for several projects and reading opportunities.You can read non-fiction essays from a variety of topics, you can head on over to the Animals Aboard site for some reviews and photos from around the country, or you can check out some writing on the cozy mystery genre.


Essays and blog posts on a variety of topics, with photos too.

Animal aboard


Animals Aboard is a travel blog of RV Park reviews and articles on traveling with pets. There is also a link to my sightseeing book.


I have several cozy mystery novellas by me on Amazon. Read some excerpts and articles on the cozy mystery genre here.

  • Summer Reading Lists
    I saw a news article recently where former President Obama published his summer reading list, which he’s been doing for years. This got me thinking about my own reading list. Of course, I don’t just limit it to summer as I read about 2 or 3 books a week year round. And just now, I’veContinue reading “Summer Reading Lists”
  • One Day on the Acid Watchers Diet
    Food preparation has become my zen, not by choice. It’s labor intensive, definitely on the opposite spectrum of fast food. How many people can resist the urge to go the easy way out with their meals? I’ve waffled over the years from a staunch healthy diet to relishing the gustatory pleasures of local restaurants. I’veContinue reading “One Day on the Acid Watchers Diet”
  • Unburdening Yourself
    I wasn’t going to write this week because it’s not a good week. I am dealing with some medical issues and some personal family issues. But somewhere along the way, with the meditating and contemplation I’ve been trying to do to sever myself from guilt and anxiety causing stress, I realized that unburdening myself ofContinue reading “Unburdening Yourself”

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