Tina Mischke and service dog
Tina Mischke and service dog

A Full Life

Just the highlights

This baby boomer has had a very full life. I've always been interested in creative endeavors so this website just gives me a chance to document some of the numerous projects I've been involved in over the years. I was never very good at keeping a diary or journal but I love capturing moments with photography or writing short essays when the mood strikes.

Curriculum Vitae includes B.A. in Organizational Communication Studies; M.S. in Special Education; certified dog obedience instructor; Business College certificate; and Behavior Intervention Case Manager.

Various jobs over the years include: sales; cashier; portrait photographer; office manager; technical editor; bookkeeper; kennel attendant; dog trainer; dog groomer; special education teacher; ESL teacher; and tutor.

Places I've lived include 3 countries and 7 states. Places I've visited include about 17 states and 1 more country.

Finally, 2 marriages (now happily single), 1 child, and many, many pets over the years.

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West coast

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